Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Services

Forensic accounting specialists are qualified chartered accountants, and are highly experienced in providing expert witness and carrying out financial investigation services. A forensic accountant’s service may be needed by different types of individuals, institutions, industries, or organizations for the purpose of collecting financial evidence. This evidence can be used in court to settle a dispute or to support or negate claims for indemnification regarding losses sustained and to seek justice or redress against fraud perpetrator(s) for betraying trust and confidence.

Cases undertaken range from small commercial disputes to international multidisciplinary matters, and include the following:

Business fraud and financial crime.

Quantification of damages, including loss of profits, in business interruption claims, breach of contract, negligence and personal injury;

Valuation of business/shares in shareholder, partnership and matrimonial disputes;

Sale of business disputes, including deferred consideration, completion accounts and warranty claims;

Auditor and accountant professional negligence;

Business fraud and financial crime;

Regulatory compliance.

We at Nair & Nelliyatt Chartered Accountants are specialist fraud examiners and provide you with the following services:

Uncovering fraud, crimes, and evasions of financial obligations or malpractices committed through manipulation of accounting records.

Uncovering the identity of the perpetrator and establishing identities including those who connived with the main perpetrator and their extent of participation.

Determine the extent of economic losses or damages sustained and gather the financial records that will serve as strong evidence to sustain legal claims for recovery.

Identifying other potential losses that may be impending or imminent and seek possible solutions to prevent such losses from actually happening.

Trace and locate any lost assets for purposes of recovery or which may be instrumental in tracking the fraudster. Unaccounted assets and locating their physical existence may also be essential to the settlement of a dispute.

Analyze, verify, and re-calculate if necessary the amount being claimed in court.

Determine the extent of malpractice applied by other accounting professionals who became instrumental in presenting misleading financial reports that were vital to the decision-making process of the financial statement users like investors, creditors, tax assessors, or grantors of contracts, licenses, and permits.

Follow through on the findings reported by the internal auditor pertaining to losses or indications of losses being suffered by the company as revealed during the process of financial audit.