From due diligence,

Valuations and litigation support to restructuring underperforming businesses,
NNCA offer vendors, purchasers and financiers all the necessary skills and expertise to serve every aspect of their transactions.

Our business advisory services include advising clients about their current and future business prospects, with the aim of advancing their business and overall company growth

These services are used by all types of businesses and would involve examining legal, tax, finance, market and risk factors involved to start up a business or in making new changes to the existing business.

It also involves providing customized services to clients based on their requirements.

Our Approach

Identifying issues/ trails in the organisation’s process for setting objectives/ targets, reviewing or promulgating plans to ensure targets are met, and devising corrective action plans where objectives/ targets are not met.
Verifying compliance with regulations and policies.
Verifying adherence to established company procedures.
Identifying problem areas (e.g., inefficiencies, recurring errors, etc.).
Identifying excellent areas (e.g., outstanding individual or group performance, cost saving measures, good facility design features, good operational practices, etc.).
Investigating an unusual occurrence or incident to determine facts, to reconstruct events, and/or to determine causes.
Analysing a known or suspected problem area and making recommendations for improvement.
Identifying inefficiencies in existing accounting practices.
To identify which areas of an effective compliance program are lacking across the entity.
To determine criteria and methods needed to ensure that both the operation and the control of these operations are effective.
Advise actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of these results.
Establishing adequate internal controls and making suggestions where the improvement is essential.

Our business and advisory services comprise:

Management information systems
Financial planning and Preparation of Budgets, Comparative Analysis and Reporting
Advice and Analysis on profitability improvements
Operational management consultancy
Cash Flow forecasting and Guidance on Working Capital Management
Implementation of cost control and cost reduction policies
Guidance for Price fixation
Feasibility Studies for Business diversification and establishment of new businesses
Revival of sick business Units