UAE is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for those who are opting to settle or seek employment outside their home country. If you are planning to open a business or looking to relocate to the UAE, you need to know about ICA Smart Services. From the normal jobseeker to the various entrepreneurs with stars in their eyes, look at UAE as the land of opportunity. Its increasing influence in the global market has helped attract the best talent as well as the best investors from far and wide. If you are also someone who falls under these categories, then the following blog will help you understand how ICA Smart Services can help your transition into the country easier and hassle free.

Much like the concept of the Emirate ID, ICA Smart Services too are designed to be an online system, that diligently registers information about your arrival and departure in the UAE. It makes your migration process smooth and seamless while applying for your Emirates ID and Residential Visa. Compiling and organizing necessary information in one centralized platform is the main idea behind this platform.

ICA Smart Services in Detail

Being a subdivision of the Federal Authority for Identity, this specialized system facilitates the entry and exit of expats, mostly business personnel, for port security, visa issuance, visa validity, visa insurance and much more.

To receive your visa conveniently and quickly, you can submit the necessary information online through UAE immigration. For easy access, you can make use of the system in any of the three modes mentioned below:

  • In person
  • Online
  • Using Mobile Application

For existing Dubai residents, they can also visit respective ICA offices for registration and other related queries. Individuals who are looking for a relocation can use this to check for their visa validity and passport information as well.

Benefits of ICA Smart Services

Being a centralized platform, ICA Smart Services offers a multitude of benefits to its users like business personnel and travelers.

  • It enables you to check and edit your application from any device with a stable internet connection
  • Stay updated on the status of your application through the system.
  • Making an appointment online for the residence entry is also easy
  • It lets you conveniently check a maximum of 5 applications from the same device
  • Accessing business and tourist visa services online
  • Checking the visa status from your device 
  • Completing processes like filing an appeal online, requesting a refund online and updating your Emirates ID 
  • Check file validity and visa validity using the application

Registration with ICA Smart Services

Business owners, residents, employees, entrepreneurs and basically anyone entering and exiting the UAE can use this innovative service. Keep in mind that you need to register with ICA Smart Services only if your stay extends longer than 3 months. If you don’t have any plans to stay more than 7 days, there is no need to worry about registration. 

Various Modes of ICA Smart Services Registration

Registering for ICA Smart Services is convenient and easy. You can register both at the counters or online. When entering UAE via the airport, you can register by just inputting your Smart Number and Nationality at the counter designated for ICA Smart Services. You can also register from the comfort of your home via calling the authorities on their registered number. After the successful registration, you will be able to receive access to a multitude of services including visa status check.

Documents needed for Registration

Now, let’s look at the documents required for registration. Submit the below mentioned documents and information in your ICA Smart Services application. 

  • Emirates ID
  • Passport Number
  • Visa Entry Permit
  • Work History
  • Personal Information etc.

Cost for Registration

Pay the AED 150 fee for the successful completion of ICA Smart Services, either online or at their offices.

Tracking ICA Smart Application

We have already understood from the above that the ICA Smart Registration Process is pretty easy and convenient. Now let’s look at how the ICA Smart Services application tracking process works. Much like the registration process, the application tracking process is easy and seamless. ICA Smart Services gives you multiple methods to track the application process:

  • Online user account
  • Call Center
  • Mobile Application

Checking Application using Online User Account

If you choose this method for tracking your application status, you need to log into the online user account. After logging in, you can track a maximum of 5 applications.

You need to have your tracking number handy in order to access the online portal. Usually, you will receive the tracking number, ICA registration number and link to your online tracking account via email when you enter the UAE. Sometimes, the email will arrive only a few hours after you reach UAE.

Checking Application Via Call Center

You can check your respective application via ICA Smart Services call center as their operators are available 24/7 and their contact number is 600522222. 

Checking Application Via Mobile Application

Nowadays everyone carries a mobile phone with them. Hence you can log into the ICA Smart Services and make use of the service anytime, anywhere.

Efficiently Using ICA Smart Service

Appointment with the labour and immigration authorities can be scheduled with the tracking number which you have earlier received. With the help of ICA Smart Services, the authorities can further assist you to complete all the necessary processes needed for applying for a UAE Resident’s Visa. Do keep in mind that you need to fulfill all the visa and entry permit requirements when applying for a Residence Visa. 

Steps to Follow Before You Travel to the UAE

There are certain established guidelines which you are advised to follow before your travel to UAE irrespective of your profession. The first and foremost step is to make use of the ICA Smart Services, which make your travel easy by helping you with the temporary UAE residency which makes your stay legal.

Hence, before your travel, you are advised to schedule an online appointment with ICA Smart Services Center with the help of your account and choose your date before confirming your booking. Another method is to visit the official ICA Smart Services Center and deal with the authorities directly. If you are already in the UAE, you can make a call to 8009090 and if you are outside UAE, you can make a call to +971 4 227 7000.

Learn About Safe Travel Requirements Due to Covid-19

Due to the pandemic situation that started in February 2020, a valid vaccine certificate reflecting the passenger’s vaccination status has become mandatory. Additionally, a negative PCR test report within 48 hours of travel or a valid medical certificate regarding the patient’s recovery from Covid- 19 is also compulsory.

For more travel information, it is always advised to check with ICA Smart Services and airline authorities before your travel.


Know More About Federal Authority For Identity

As we discussed earlier, ICA Smart Services in UAE is a subdivision of the Federal Authority for Identity which is predominantly responsible for all queries and processes related to citizenship, customs and port security. Be it an expat or citizen of UAE, the Federal Authority of UAE offers a range of services.

If you have any concerns or queries related to the above, you are advised to visit their website to complete the legal process related to it. For example, if you need to update your contact information linked to the registration, ICA Smart Services will help to update the same.

Checking your Visa Status Using ICA Smart Services

Apart from regular ICA Smart Services, you can also check your visa status online prior to your travel to UAE, via telephone by contacting the respective call center, or at the Airport counter. Once you have arrived in the UAE, your entry process will be conducted by the respective Airport Customs department. For example, if you enter Dubai with the help of ICA Smart Services, you have to visit their service counter before Customs. The staff member will check the status of your entry.

Applying for Visa Extension Services Using ICA Smart Services

Extension of your stay in UAE is easy as this can be done at the ICA Service counter at the airport or by calling their call center. If you are devoid of a credit card or a stable internet connection, there is no need to worry. You can avail the service at Dubai Airport Customs Department if you enter via Dubai.

Applying for a Change of Status Using ICA Smart Services

Without paying any additional fees, an ICA Smart Services user can make 2 changes to their application. If you are already using ICA Smart Services, you can easily apply to change your status online.

Applying for Exit Permit Using ICA Smart Services

When you are applying for an exit permit, you should show your passport, residence card and visa of your dependent at the ICA Smart Service Counter.

Additionally, if you wish to extend your exit permit, you will receive a new entry card as well.

Renewing and Cancelling Visa Using ICA Smart Services

If you are planning to stay in UAE for an extended period, you need to renew your visa online with ICA Smart Services. As the initial step, you are advised to log into ICA Smart Services account and restore your visa by submitting your passport, visa, and residence card (Emirates ID).

If you are planning to cancel your visa before the expiration, that is also possible with ICA Smart Services. For that, you only need to log into your ICA Smart Services account and then click on the option to cancel the visa. Once the steps are correctly followed, the visa cancellation process will be successfully completed.


This article is aimed at helping you understand how ICA Smart Services will benefit you for your comfortable stay in UAE. However, it is also necessary to understand and seek help from experts about how the process works to legally enter the country. If you are a business professional or an entrepreneur trying to set-up a business in the UAE, you can reach out to Nair & Nelliyatt Chartered Accountants to get expert advice from a team of seasoned accounting professionals who are adept with local laws and regulations.We also provide expert advice in various other domains like financial management, bookkeeping, and tax compliance. For more info, contact us today at info@nn-ca.com or contact us at +971 43577678 to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals in Dubai.

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