Payroll Outsourcing Services In Dubai

Instead of hiring an internal finance team, you can outsource your payroll management to a payroll outsourcing company that can efficiently handle payroll documentation, expense claim disbursement, and payslip processing for complete compliance and ease.

Payroll processing

Salary disbursal

Payroll documentation

Compliance support

Employee database


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Payroll management, when done by professionals in our team, helps to reduce errors and responsibilities in bookkeeping financial transactions, as payroll preparation is a complex task
that must comply with all applicable federal regulations.

As one of the leading Chartered Accountant firms in the UAE, we offer flexible payroll solutions
Dubai and advanced technology to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Entrust your payroll
accounting to us and discover hassle-free, cost-effective and efficient payroll outsourcing
services like never before.

Advantages of NNCA as your payroll agency

Get to fully focus on building your business

Technology based solutions to save time & effort

Trained professionals with
extensive domain knowledge

Get seamless support for complete compliance

Timely disbursal of payments &

Additional services for employee leave & database management

Accurate reconciliation as per
company policies

In-depth knowledge of
mainland & Free Zone regulations