Other Services

Apart from accounting, bookkeeping & auditing services, VAT registration & consulting, we offer business set-up and valuation services, fraud examination services, feasibility studies, and product costing services in Dubai and the UAE.

Business Setup Consultancy Services

Starting a business anywhere on the globe can be a daunting task. It need not be difficult, though, if you have the appropriate business setup consultants in Dubai by your side.

Nair & Nelliyatt Chartered Accountants can assist you with all of your business consulting needs if you are a company striving to establish your proper position in the UAE’s fiercely competitive business environment. Business setup in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, will be an uncomplicated process with our assistance.

Getting expert business setup assistance can help you in the following ways:

  • Help you advance in the right direction
  • Make sure you comprehend business challenges
  • Make you aware of the numerous business compliances
  • Create an impactful and successful business plan

Business Valuation Services

Determining a transaction value that is fair to all parties is crucial whether you’re trying to acquire, sell, or transfer shares of a company. Our business valuation services support companies and investors in Dubai and other UAE emirates during the transaction by assisting them in calculating the enterprise value.

Our qualified professionals have experience and expertise in providing business valuations that are all based on industry-recognised standards. 

Corporate business valuation can help you in the following ways:

  • Improved inventory and asset knowledge 
  • Identify the True Business Value
  • Resolve partner disputes, if any.
  • Helps obtain financial aid from banks
  • Know the impact on tax

Forensic Audit Services

Forensic Audit Services involve a detailed evaluation of records and documents to obtain and extract evidence against a crime or fraud that can be used in a court of law or legal proceeding. Forensic Audit requires the utmost expertise and knowledge in the field of accounting & auditing. These audits are ordered by external parties to gather evidence. For e.g. banks may order forensic audits for accounts where funds are not utilised by borrowers for the purpose for which they were borrowed, and so on. 

Cash theft, cheque forging, financial manipulations, payment fraud, bribery, IT fraud, inventory theft, and fake claims or payments are some types of fraud in which forensic services might prove useful.

Our forensic auditing services can help your company to implement necessary safeguards to prevent fraudsters from committing criminal acts.

Forensic Auditing can help you in the following ways:

  • Can significantly cut the company’s losses
  • Ensures that the company’s operations are legal
  • Can help a business ward off a variety of legal threats
  • Can help create effective business plans

Feasibility Studies

Due to the rapid shift in consumer preferences and the abundance of options in today’s market, a high-performing product may become outdated before the business owners even realise it. Therefore, it is crucial for any business entity or investor to comprehend the potential and viability of a proposed project before deciding to commit financial resources to it.

Our team of feasibility experts at Nair and Nelliyatt gain a thorough understanding of macroeconomic factors and market trends. Furthermore, we create comprehensive studies on how a project might be anticipated to perform in the present and predicted economic climate based on these evaluations.

A feasibility study can help you in the following ways:

  • Can identify good reasons to approve or reject a proposal
  • Narrows potential alternatives
  • Evaluates the existing and required resources and technologies
  • Determines the return on investment

Product Costing

Before beginning the development phase, it is imperative that businesses estimate the cost of creating a product. To identify the resources and tools companies need to leverage, they must be aware of the product’s price and the length of time it takes to produce. Due to their lack of technical knowledge and understanding of the needs for producing the product, non-technical entrepreneurs frequently struggle with estimating the cost of building their products.

By examining their technical needs, team, resources, and technological instruments utilised in the process, we assist businesses in determining the cost of their products.

Our expert team at Nair & Nelliyatt will work with you to better understand your product and zero in on a price figure that works in favour of your business.