Benefits of Forensic Auditing for UAE Companies

forensic audit

Forensic auditing is a specialised field of accounting that investigates potential financial discrepancies. While primarily associated with detecting financial manipulation, it should also be used to assess compliance with financial regulations, solve disputes regarding financial matters, and prevent fraud by identifying vulnerabilities in financial systems before issues arise. Thus, it extends beyond revealing fraud to include the entire data investigation of a company for its financial health and clarity.

Why is Forensic Auditing Important?

The UAE’s diverse economy increases the complexity of business operations and financial transactions, making it crucial to have forensic auditing to detect and prevent discrepancies:

Economic Free Zones: The UAE hosts numerous free zones across its Emirates, which offer tax concessions, custom duty benefits, and less stringent oversight compared to other regions. While these zones drive economic activity, they pose risks of financial malpractice and misuse.

High Business Activity & Fraud Risk: The UAE’s rapid economic growth attracts significant foreign investment, creating an environment where opportunities for fraud can also flourish. A 2020 KPMG UAE Fraud Barometer survey revealed that 42% of UAE businesses had experienced some form of economic crime in the past year.

Focus on Transparency & Compliance: The UAE government has strongly emphasised transparency and compliance in recent years. Initiatives like the National Audit Office emphasise accountability and good governance, and forensic audits align with these goals by deterring financial misconduct and upholding ethical business practices.

Combating Money Laundering: A 2022 report by Deloitte mentions that 70% of respondents in the UAE considered money laundering a high risk for their organisations, highlighting the need for robust financial crime prevention measures. 

Technology Adoption and Cybersecurity: With the increasing dependency on technology and digital methods, UAE & Dubai have massively been vulnerable to financial loss due to Cybercrimes. Furthermore, UAE is in the phase of making new cyber security laws, so it’s crucial that companies brace to have acute data of its financial spreads to be law compliant.

Maintaining a clean, corruption-free image is crucial for the UAE to attract foreign investments and foster business confidence. Forensic auditing contributes significantly by ensuring transparency and accountability in business operations.

The Process of Forensic Auditing:

It’s crucial to distinguish forensic audits from VAT registration services or expense report reviews. While forensic audits can identify errors in VAT registrations or expense reports, their primary focus is uncovering deliberate financial wrongdoing. Additionally, forensic auditors actively search for evidence of blackmail or conflicts of interest, exceeding the verification of financial statements performed in a standard audit.

  1. Comprehensive Planning: The initial phase defines the scope of the investigation, identifies potential concerns based on historical data, and assembles a team of seasoned professionals. This team typically comprises financial analysts, data forensics specialists and legal experts.
  2. Unveiling Evidence: Once the plan manifests, forensic auditors meticulously gather evidence from many sources. The process encompasses a comprehensive review of financial records, targeted interviews with relevant personnel, a thorough examination of electronic data trails, and potentially retrieving deleted information using advanced forensic techniques.
  3. Building a Compelling Case: As evidence accumulates, forensic auditors analyse and synthesise it. This rigorous analysis helps identify patterns, inconsistencies, and potential links that solidify a strong case capable of withstanding legal scrutiny.
  4. Clear Communication and Reporting: The investigation’s culmination is a comprehensive and meticulously documented report. This report details the unearthed evidence, a detailed breakdown of the suspected perpetrator’s activities (if identified), and the estimated financial losses incurred. It is a critical document for legal proceedings or internal disciplinary actions.
  5. Expert Witness Testimony (Optional): In specific cases, forensic auditors may be called upon to present their findings in a court of law. Acting as expert witnesses, they explain the financial investigation and effectively communicate technical details to Authorities.


By employing these rigorous investigative techniques, forensic audits play a vital role in safeguarding businesses in Dubai and the wider UAE from financial crimes. They foster trust and transparency within the business environment, protect legitimate businesses, and promote sustainable economic growth.

Benefits of Forensic Auditing:

Forensic auditing is critical for preserving your company’s financial integrity, supporting regulatory compliance, and enhancing business efficiency in environments with a complex jurisdictional segmentation like the UAE.


1.   Fraud Detection and Prevention: Forensic accountants investigate data. They analyse financial records and transactions to identify red flags indicating fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes. The presence and placement of a forensic auditor within your system instantly reduces the chances of fraud.

2.   Dispute Resolution: A forensic audit can provide an objective assessment when financial disagreements arise between a company and another party. Forensic accountants can help resolve disputes fairly and efficiently by meticulously examining economic data.

3.   Improved Internal Controls: A forensic audit can expose vulnerabilities in a company’s internal controls, which are the policies and procedures designed to safeguard assets and ensure accurate financial reporting. 

4.   Enhanced Efficiency: Forensic auditors scrutinise existing financial processes and standards, aiding in the discovery of more efficient financial solutions and practices.

5. Legal Assistance: Investigative audits provide businesses with a deeper understanding of legal frameworks, smoothing the workflow of the company’s legal department. The preventive nature of forensic audits helps avoid costly legal repercussions associated with fraudulent activities, promoting a safer business environment.

6.   Reduced Insurance Costs: Companies with a history of strong financial controls may qualify for lower premiums on insurance policies that cover fraud or other economic losses.

Why Hire a Forensic Auditor:

Engaging an external firm for a forensic audit can be a cost-effective strategy. Identifying potential financial irregularities early helps prevent substantial losses associated with fraud and other financial crimes. This option allows companies to conduct necessary audits while managing expenses more effectively.

Nair and Nelliyatt are forensic auditing specialists who make exceptional partners for companies in the UAE. Our expertise, comprehensive approach, and proven track record are the primary reasons our clientele grows. We have a deep understanding of both local and international regulatory frameworks. In the UAE, businesses must comply with both domestic laws and global financial regulations. Our proficiency ensures that companies meet all legal obligations and maintain high standards of financial integrity and transparency.


Furthermore, we take a proactive approach to forensic auditing. We identify existing issues and foresee potential financial risks, enabling companies to implement preventive measures before financial harm occurs. 

Nair and Nelliyatt’s reputation for integrity and ethical conduct fully aligns with the corporate governance standards expected in the UAE. Our commitment to ethical practices enhances a company’s compliance profile and boosts investor confidence, making them ideal partners for any UAE company looking to ensure financial diligence and security. Contact us today to help us help you.

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