A detailed guide to the best investment in UAE for maximising your wealth.

best investment in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a land of great economic opportunities and has a high potential for sustained growth. With its strategic location between Europe, Asia, and Africa, the country has become a hub for business, trade, and investment. Moreover, the UAE government has made considerable efforts to promote foreign investment and create a […]

UAE’s Finance Ministry clarifies the country’s tax residency rules

UAE tax residency rules

The Ministry of Finance in the UAE recently issued a decision regarding the determination of tax residency for individuals residing in the Emirates. The ministry clarified that, for tax purposes, an individual’s “usual place of residence” will be considered to be in the UAE if that is where they normally or habitually reside. The clarification […]

What is an MIS Report and why does it deserve your attention? Explained.


Thanks to the implementation of new economic reforms by the UAE government, businesses in the country are slowly but surely realigning themselves to comply with these accounting practices. In order to comply with the amendments to the Commercial Companies Law, VAT, Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT), and Ultimate […]

10 definitive reasons for hiring business consulting companies in UAE.


The World Bank ranks UAE as one of the friendliest countries in the world to set up and conduct business. There is no denying that the Dubai market is approachable and that it welcomes investors and entrepreneurs, but starting a business in a foreign country is usually a stressful and difficult process. Businesses often need […]

The difference between Direct and Indirect Tax. All you need to know.

Direct and indirect tax

Every nation has laws and regulations that require its residents to pay taxes. If citizens of a nation utilise the services and facilities provided by the government, then there is no exemption on the payment of the tax. Individuals or corporations pay taxes to different parties on different occasions, but ultimately the collected tax ends […]

VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism in UAE – Everything you need to know.

vat reverse charge mechanism

To ensure that both individuals and organisations are compliant, the United Arab Emirates has a strong VAT rulebook in place. The VAT-able transactions are specifically indicated, whether it be an export to another country or an import from outside the UAE. Businesses that import and export goods need to be aware of the various UAE […]

How to File VAT Returns in UAE? A step-by-step VAT Returns User Guide

How to File VAT Returns

In the UAE, a VAT return must be created and submitted once every tax period by each registered taxpayer. Depending on the instructions provided by the FTA on your VAT certificate, the tax term is either a month or a quarter (3 months). In this article, we explain how to file VAT returns in simple […]

8 benefits of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai

Benefits of outsourcing accounting and book keeping services

As a business owner, you are actively involved in every facet of your company. And if you think that you need to be involved constantly in order for things to be done well and that this qualifies you as a successful business owner, it’s time for you to reconsider.  You put a lot of effort […]