forensic audit

An audit, in its most simple definition, is an inspection. An evolved definition of the function is a systematic inspection of financial operations. Every business requires audits to run its systems consistently. But it’s not a one–size–fit–situation. Depending on the size, structure, and objective, the business must conduct various audits. Understanding the nuances between different […]

The new UAE pension scheme for expats. A boon for employers and employees alike.

UAE pension scheme for expats

In the bustling business landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), expatriates from around the world embark on a unique journey seeking professional growth, cultural enrichment, and financial security. Lucrative opportunities in this global economic hub draw individuals from various corners of the globe. But how does one achieve financial stability in such a dynamic […]

Business Pitches : A checklist to land your funding

Business Pitches

Think about your all-time favourite movie or book. You’ve likely indulged in countless stories and narratives, but something about that one story is indelible. It has a particular resonance, leaving an impression through its storytelling, presentation, ideas, or technical brilliance. In many ways, crafting the perfect investor pitch is like the art of storytelling. It’s […]

What is the best business to start in uae? Here’s what we know so far!

the best business to start in uae

Imagine you set up a lemonade stand, and everyone in the neighbourhood wants that lemonade. That’s exciting. Currently, the UAE markets are at this juncture where everyone is asking what is the best business to start in uae. Businesses are experiencing an upsurge in demand for their products or services, often resulting from effective marketing, […]

Invest in Dubai. A guide to the business potential & opportunities.

Invest in Dubai

It’s a universal truth: when it comes to exploration, investment, and growing your wealth, Dubai reigns supreme. With its diverse business landscape catering to both startups and traditional enterprises, entrepreneurs find themselves at the crossroads of exciting business opportunities. Those with an eye for investments must make their way to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), […]

Cryptocurrency in Dubai – Building your digital assets in the UAE

Cryptocurrency in Dubai

There has been much noise about cryptocurrency since its introduction in 2013. While the concept of digital currencies initially sparked global interest and scepticism in equal quantity, Nations have taken a unique and progressive approach to regulating this booming industry. Today, the UAE’s stance on cryptocurrency regulation is attracting global attention as it fosters a […]

Financial Advisor or Financial accountant: who will benefit you more?

accountant to financial advisor

Where did the money go? This is a question that we ask ourselves every single time a bonus or an increment is spent. Financial prosperity does not begin or end with the potential to earn. It goes beyond that and in that journey, we as Nair and Nelliyatt Chartered Accountants can help you make the […]

New Tax in UAE. What every freelancer in UAE should know in 2023!

freelancer in UAE

The UAE Ministry of Finance has recently announced that a new corporate tax will be applied to all businesses and commercial activities in the country, including freelancers. This means that freelancers who earn more than AED 375,000 (US$102,000) per year will now be required to pay tax on their income. This change has come as […]

The complete guide to legal requirements to start an Online Business in UAE 

legal requirements to start an online business in UAE

2023 onwards is the best time to begin online ventures. It is a booming industry due to consumer comfort, lesser financial investment and the flexibility it provides to entrepreneurs and consumers. This is your go-to guide if you plan to begin an online start-up. We list here your legal requirements to start an online business […]

Transfer Pricing in UAE. Know the Definition, Methods & Regulations

transfer pricing

Did you know that transfer pricing is crucial in taxation, especially for global companies working across countries and continents? Transfer pricing is a system followed by businesses to regulate the prices of goods, services, or intangible assets traded between related branches within the same corporate group. The UAE is a hub for global business; hence, […]